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We hope to see you at the soonest workshop!

We are not just selling boxes to you

- we are always here to help you!

We help you with the design of the solution for the customer, we can support you talking with your customers, we provide you with training and workshop.


You can call us anytime and we help you with the installation!

Be Efficient!

  • Easy installation of quality EU made equipment

Keep ahead  of the competition!

  • Unique, truly functioning, puzzle-like solution - choose the components you want

Solve problems REMOTELY

  • You can change the configuration of any component remotely from your PC or your phone
  • You can check the status of all components online to identify any potential problems
Reduce paperwork headaches!
  • Use our system (free of charge) to generate professional offers, protocols and agreements.
  • See the client communication history online

Don't struggle with documentation!

  • You can always access our online documentation (regularly updated): Manuals for easy installation, firmware, software

Our Support

  • You will get the marketing support
  • Marketing materials
  • We protect you against the unauthorised competition
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