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Car Alarm

Secure your vehicles

Enjoy the comfort of always knowing where you left your car. You can also use the MyJABLOTRON app which will show you the current location of your vehicle, mileage or fuel consumption. Our alarm can protect not only cars, but also caravans, lorries and agriculture machines. 

Car Alarm App

Imagine the following scenario. You are sitting in a café and suddenly unsure if you locked your car. Now you can just check it in the MyJABLOTRON app on your smartphone, and if you did forgot to lock it, simply activate the locking via the alarm remotely.

  • Control the alarm in a safe and easy way

  • Keep a full history of events

  • Display the current state and location of the vehicle on a map

  • Provide details and an overview of all drives

  • Create a record of refueling or the status of the odometer

Remote control for your car alarm

Car Alarm


 Glass Break Sensor 

 Motion Detector 


 Tilt Switch 

 Door Switch 

 Impact Sensor 

It doesn’t matter if you own a car, caravan, lorry or a tractor. The JABLOTRON car alarm will protect them all. During installation, our certified partners will use wireless detectors and the original door and boot switches to avoid invasive bodywork and wiring

Our detectors and simple installation

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